East Midlands Aero Park – Hefton and Heritage Litter Bins

May & June continue to prove exceptional months for sales of our Hefton & Heritage Ryde Litter Bins.

From Heftons going out to Isreal, Ireland as well as a little closer to home Islington – the Hefton & Heritage Range of Plastic Litter Bins is a versatile and cost effective option to your on-site litter collection needs.

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Wellington Round Timber Bin

Our expanding range of Hardwood Timber Products continues to grow.

With both modern and traditionally styled seats, benches and open or hooded litter bins, give us a call now for more information on these fantastic new products.

Wheelie Bin Housings

Wheelie Bin Housings don’t need to be a ‘blot on the landscape, nor do they need a large footprint.

Designed to minimise the impact of what it houses (1100litre wheelie bins), but to also minimise on the footprint space, the AdvanceR-WBH range continues to win praise for its style, simplicity, build quality & price!

A simple design, that has multiple options to suit the needs of local authorities and the collection of household waste.

School Dining Furniture Project

We offer solutions to a broad range of requests, from single litter bins, to full site projects for Waste Management & Outdoor Furniture Products.

Pictured is a recent completed project for a local School for a complete range of Dining Furniture.    We completed the project on budget and in time – fitted to exact specification.

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Fleet Recycled Plastic Bollards

It may have been a cold month, but it hasn’t stopped the installation of 30 new Fleet Recycled Plastic Bollards.

With the addition of White & Red Reflectors, these proved the ideal choice for both highways use, but also maintaining both the ‘look & feel’ of the location.

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Coniston Recycling Bins – Isle of Wight

Heading to the beautiful Isle of Wight this year and worried about where to put your waste – no need as another 50 Coniston Recycling Bins are heading their way!

Great to see that many of our Litter, Dog Waste & now Recycling Units are all being utilised on this vibrant and ‘very clean’ island.

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Cast Iron Signs and Signage

An interesting enquiry, saw us supplying a number of cast iron finger arm’s in January, for a customer who wanted either replacement or new text finger arms for their historic routes.

Working with an long established manufacturer, we were able to colour & font match an existing arm and produce new items, that the customer has been ‘over the moon’ with.

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Plastic & Steel Wheeled Bins

We supply a full range of Plastic & Steel Wheeled Bins, including the option of personalising or adding graphics to suit your site & waste needs.

If you need units with locks or even specialist hazardous waste bins, it’s no problem for us.
So let us know today what you need and we will show you how competitive that we can be.

Email us at sales@advancedscape.co.uk

Eclipse Hi-Vis Bin

As a Sack Retention Unit it offers a visible Hi-Security option for capturing waste in high risk airports or as a Wheelie Bin Housing with the New LAZY-Top feature, it offers Local Authorities a great alternative for capturing waste in Lay-By’s or High Waste/Footfall Areas allowing the user minimal interaction to capture large amounts of waste.

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Herald KS Range of Bespoke Recycled Street Furniture

The New Herald Range of Picnic Tables & Seats can be easily ‘made to fit’ most outdoor locations.

So if you need a contemporary styled, full size table for your Park or School, or something a little smaller, this solid heavy duty product that requires minimal maintenance could be the perfect choice.

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